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OneStream is blending breakthrough technology with contemporary learning to create new Online Television Channels that feature original content by and for local communities.

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KinderScope gives schools access to online media technology so faculty and students can access and create a wide range of educational video content without using school resources.

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PraiseScope allows local places of worship to invigorate their role in the community by giving followers of all faiths the means and media for sharing ideas, lessons and beliefs.

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Create and Manage Content

OneStream is all about giving individuals and local organizations access to Online Television Channels and leading edge media technology so they can create, view and manage a wide range of online video content that enhances the growth and spirit of local families and organizations.

Strengthens Communities

Each OneStream community-driven Online Television Channel serves as an educational and cultural hub for families and organizations in the immediate area. Videos of everything from school events and community activities, to celebrations and user-generated teaching moments can be posted, streamed live and even saved on a searchable archive.

Revenue for Organizations

Businesses see the value and impact of running very affordable video marketing campaigns that target specific areas and customers who visit the local OneStream Online Television Channels. Run independently from an organization’s official website, OneStream’s Online Television Channels helps groups tap into a revenue stream they hadn’t fully accessed before.

Demo of School

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Getting Started is Simple

How Small Businesses Can Launch New, Affordable Marketing

Our Outreach Director can discuss the broad range of OneStream Online Channel advertising opportunities that suit your budget, business and customers. To get started, you can choose a very basic plan using video messages that we create for free; or you can opt for a more sophisticated, multi-channel plan with a variety of video ads and custom offers that we can write and produce very affordably. There are also many strategic advertising options for banner ads, sponsorships, long-form content…you name it! Whatever plan you choose, it will also be supported by monthly analytical reports on traffic, views, conversions, etc.

How Schools, Sports Leagues, Clubs, Non-Profits, and Faith-Based Groups Can Create Their Own Television Channels and Content

OneStream manages all the design, content creation and standards, security, hosting and user interfaces. There’s no limit to how you can use your custom OneStream Online Television Channel and mobile-friendly website. Groups have access to tools and technology to create their own content and can easily broadcast it for live viewing, then archive it for use later. We can even provide lessons and tips on how to create your own content.

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