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Our applications and tools help strengthen communities


Make the significance and versatility of media available for all organizations to help them connect to their constituents.


We create new opportunities for our community and business partners across the nation to reach out and impact the lives of local residents by providing access to new media technology.

Meet Our Apps


KinderScope gives schools access to online media technology so faculty and students can access and create a wide range of educational video content without using school resources.


PraiseScope allows local places of worship to invigorate their role in the community by giving followers of all faiths the means and media for sharing ideas, lessons and beliefs.

Meet Our Team

Omar N. Saleh

Omar N. Saleh


An early Internet Media Entrepreneur, Omar has worked extensively in Webcasting, Interactive Media and Distance Education. Over the years, his work has included web media projects for Paramount Studios, Billy Graham Ministries, NASA and the U.S. Senate among others. Kinderscope represents both a culmination of his web media experiences as well as a passion to bring new learning opportunities into the classroom, as he closely follows his own nine-year old son’s education.

Omar is a graduate of Penn State University.

Jack Crouse

Jack Crouse


Jack has been an investor and advisor to several companies in the Washington, DC area. Over the years, he has founded an IT staffing company providing solutions to businesses encompassing Fortune 50 companies, IT start-ups and systems integrators serving the federal government. Jack has served as an advisor to an online education company that developed a proprietary artificial intelligence based platform that has helped students to realize educational gains up to four times greater than traditional teaching methods. He has provided advice and counsel to a healthcare start-up that will soon open the first of many planned locations. Jack was a founding principal of an award-winning teleservices company earlier in his career.

Jack is a graduate of West Virginia University.

Tom Pham

Tom Pham

IT Director

Tom is a User Experience Designer and Solutions Architect, and is very active in the User Experience community. He has devoted countless hours entrenched in projects and engaged with local organizations. He learns and shares industry best practices, while applying them into his own work. From his nearly 20 years of experience in Graphic and Web Design, Tom strongly advocates that great design is intentional and necessary. Tom participates is an avid runner and enjoys playing basketball in his spare time.

Tom is a graduate of the University of Maryland.

Gene Tallarico

Gene Tallarico

Marketing Director

Gene is an award-winning Creative Director/Writer who specializes in creative solutions that get to the heart of clients’ challenges and opportunities. He knows the value and importance of a brand’s unique offerings and adeptly ties in appropriate campaign concepts. For web content, his copy weaves in a fresh concise voice and the latest in SEO best practices. Gene sees projects as a creative evolution that takes shape over time. He guides designers, web developers and clients to recognize new ways to achieve results while and optimizing timelines and budgets. His work with national consumer, B2B and government organizations brings together a unique mix of experience that builds collaboration and results immediately.

Gene is an animal lover and is a graduate of Ohio University.

Scott Coco

Scott Coco

Video Production Director

Scott Coco has over 20 years of video production experience, working for commercial production companies, government and defense media services centers and educational media providers. Scott has produced videos, web content, branded campaigns, multimedia presentations, corporate training and live events. His broad production experience includes HD and DSLR video cameras and AVID, Final Cut and Adobe Premiere editing platforms. His proficiency with field and studio video production and lighting makes every production run smoothly for cast, staff and the client. Born and raised in the DC/Northern VA area and covered rocket launches from both Cape Canaveral in Florida and Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. He excels in telling stories from the point-of-view of the people that need their complex messages told in an understandable way.

Scott is a graduate and former mascot of Towson State University

Jimmie Ward

Senior Video Producer

Jimmie has a background in film and video production and has the proven, specialized skills to take projects from inception to completion. He has worked on an HBO documentary as a Lead Camera Operator and has served as a writer, director, producer and editor for various movie and television projects. In addition to his film and television work, Jimmie also has experience with music videos and large events.

Jimmie is a graduate of the University of District of Columbia and American University.

Pam Grosch

Education Content Developer

Pam has been a science teacher for nearly thirty years and has worked with students at the elementary and secondary levels. She regularly creates instructional videos for her Earth Science students to view at home. Pam is a science teacher and department chair at a school in central Virginia.

She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Rochester and a Master’s degree from the State University of New York.

Ed How


Ed is an enterprising, versatile and business-minded attorney and has been providing sound and practical legal advice and strategic guidance for over twenty  years. He remains active in the education community, has coached numerous youth sports teams and enjoys playing sports

Ed is a graduate of the University of Tennessee and George Mason University School of Law.

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