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Everybody Wins!  The OneStream Advertising Platform

We’ve all heard about cutbacks and budget struggles. OneStream is out to empower schools and faith-based groups to develop a new source of steady advertising revenue WITHOUT using their own time or limited resources. Each OneStream Channel features educational and community-centric content with local advertising messages interspersed throughout the programming.

A portion of each advertising partner’s fee goes directly to each local school or faith-based group –  a valuable addition to help cover operating expenses. The more advertisers, the more revenue growth for each group

All of the ads on a school’s KinderScope Channel are self-contained and never redirect a user away from their OneStream Channel.

Business Advertising Options for any budget

  • Select from OneStream’s menu of online video ads and banners ads.
  • Each month you can change your message to boost sales and expand your marketing goals.
  • Get your organization’s name or retail promotion out there for local customers to see.

FREE slide video ad with audio 15 – 30 seconds long

Enhanced, custom video ad using OneStream’s writers and producers.

Banner advertising opportunities available on multiple channels.

Contact us for more information and to consult on your digital advertising objectives.

No loss of bandwidth


No security breach issues

No organization admin resources needed

No interference with the integrity and mission of your organization’s official website

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