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This very condensed and abbreviated version of a sport league channel provides a quick glance into what your league’s channel could look like.  The league highlighted here is one of the first sports leagues to recognize the value of reaching out to local communities with information, schedules and exciting game videos for their teams. The youth league players feel like all-stars as they see themselves on TV after a game. Parents are thrilled to relive their sons and daughters scoring their first touchdowns or makig a play to help their team win. Coaches are glad to have video training and coaching to help keep the players motivated and prepared. Games can be broadcast almost live so relatives in other states can watch the big game. A searchable archive helps viewers find game highlights and share coaching tips for all levels of play.  All the channel’s videos are introduced with brief video sponsorship messages by local businesses who are glad to reach local customers with affordable TV advertising, with a portion of the media cost donated directly to help support the league.